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Reinventing the pedagogy: about architectural and urban utopias. The experience of teaching the humanities and social sciences in a
school of architecture during a pandemic.

Milena Guest, Roula Maya, Antonella Di Trani


The frenzy of the metropolises calmed down completely during the pandemic, when the economy seemed to come to a standstill, thus raising the question of their sustainability. Perceived space is often dislocated by “flat” screens which are interposed between our bodies and their immediate surroundings, while the space we live in is reduced to the “15-minute city”. The continued teaching of architecture is responsible for the future and training of architects-to-be; the renovation of existing buildings to design built forms is becoming more and more significant, and the health crisis is shaking up our relationship to space in an unprecedented way.

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ArchéA; blended flexible training; best practices

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